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More than 25 lakh tourists will avail Indian e-Visa in 2018

The Union Home Ministry officials said, In 2014 onwards, the e-Visa scheme has been launched and offered to the citizens of 163 countries, who are willing to visiting India as tourists.

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In 2017, the benefit of e-Visa scheme, has been taken by around 19 lakh tourists, and in 2018, it is expected more than 25 lakh (approx) tourists will take the same benefit of e-Visa services.

They also added that, for the convenience of tourists, the e-Visa fees get divided into four easy slabs zero, $ 25, $ 50 and $ 75 which are fixed and depending on the nationality of the passport holder.

The e-Visa scheme was launched by the foreigners division of the home ministry to make the further improvements in the efficiency and transparency of its services and make it avial for the foreigner travellers.

As per the report submitted by senior home ministry, the e-Visa scheme has generated the revenue of more than Rs 1,400 crore.

The another official said, to avail e-Visa scheme, applicants simply need to follow 3 simple steps to fill online application form, payments section and then submission of form. After submitting application, applicant received an approval letter email on their authorised mail, to travel India, the tourist can travel with a print-out of this authorisation letter to India.

After arrival India, Tourist can do entry through 25 international airports and five sea ports. There, the visitor need to show the approval letter and get entry into the country (India).

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