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Eligible Country for Indian e-Visa

Indian Government launched e-Visa scheme for the nationals of more than 162 Countries, to visit India by using new e-Visa services from applying online through their own Countries. All visitors except visa exempt countries are legally required to hold a valid Visa to travel to India.

The e-Visa services will allow citizens of the following countries / territories who had ordinary passports to obtain the e-Visa (unless citizen is of Pakistani origin) ...

Requirements for e-Visas:-

  • A colored scan copy of the biographical page of the applicant’s current passport.
  • Recent colored passport size photo ( Link page Guidelines for Photos )

Additional requirements for e-Business Visas:-

For this type of visa, applicant need a scan copy of the biographical page of his / her current passport. Along with that applicants must have provide the following:

  • Business Card.
  • Need to answer certain questions related to the sending and receiving organizations.

Additional requirements for e-Medical Visas:-

Along with the previously mentioned documents, applicants must also provide the following:

  • Letter from hospital.
  • Answer questions concerning the hospital in India that need to be visited.

Applicants can depart from any above authorized Immigration Check Posts in India. If arriving at any other port of entry, applicants are required to apply for a traditional Indian visa at the nearest embassy mission / consulate.