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In Medical Emergency, Foreigners not required to convert their other visa to Indian medical visa

Home Ministry of India announced that foreign travelers can avail India medical facility for medical treatments, (except organ transplant Treatment) with Primary Visa (i.e. India e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa etc) anywhere in india. This rule has not fully established for every foreign traveler. Only valid for some foreign visitors who are already in India on Indian visa.

According to the Indian Government Statement, “Indoor medical treatment may now be taken on a primary (original) visa for pre-existing diseases, which the foreigner may have been suffering from even before his or her entry into India country and for illness that were in his or her knowledge.”

Ministry said that foreign visitors who suffer with minor sickness problem, Need to consult with OPD (Out Patient Department) or Indian Govt. recognised hospital with their regular Visa. the major suffering alien being advised by Govt. approved hospitals / medical centres to get their Original visas converted into medical visa before getting admitted in trauma center.

Foreigners can convert their regular visa to India medical visa


“In case of indoor medical treatment of less than 180 days or up to the stipulation period, if any, stipulation on the primary visa of a foreigner or the duration of his or her primary visa, whichever is earlier, a foreigner is permitted to take such indoor medical treatment subject to certain conditions,” it said.

Says by Indian Ministry

For ” Organ Transplant” treatment, foreign still required a valid Medical Visa.

Now, the government of India has further liberalised the e-medical visa regime and permitted foreigners to get the indoor treatment on their primary (original) visa even for pre-existing diseases (except in cases of organ transplant), which the foreigner may have been suffering from even before his or her entry into India,

Said by Indian Ministry

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The Central Government of India had already revised the policy in previous year, exempting foreigners from getting their primary visa converted into a medical visa for obtaining indoor medical treatment of up to 180 days for seeking admission in a recognised hospital.

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