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India E-Visa can be Extend for One Year

India, being one of the oldest economies, is also a hub of rich cultural heritage and influence as well as many tourist attraction sites. Better still, India attracts many medical tourists because of the state of art hospitals equipped with modern facilities, well-trained professionals resulting in quality medical care in an affordable manner.

Before making these visits, travelers need to apply Indian visa online for access India. Previously, the visa would be valid for a maximum of sixty days. For the tourist and business e-visas, the tourists would be allowed two entries while for the medical visa three entries.

From January this year, the Indian High Commissioner in New Zealand announced that the validity of the e-visas had increased up to one year. That means travelers would be allowed to access India several times in the course of the year. However, there is a condition to that effect, – each visit should not be more than 90 days.

The change applies for the five e-visa categories namely conference, medical, tourist, business and medical attendant visa. Should your single visit to India be longer than 90 days, then you should apply for the normal visa at the consulate or the embassy for that provision.

The process of applying any of the five categories of e-visa is quite simple. Just fill the online Indian visa application form and upload a colored passport-sized photo and a passport valid at least six months. After that, make the necessary payments using your credit/ debit card or even PayPal.

Finally, wait for an email confirming your successful e-visa application. You should then print out your visa approval form and carry it with you to the airport. This will be your verification document. Your e-visa will finally be stamped on your passport when you land in India.

So you have every reason to take your trip to India and stay up to three months.

Overstay and Visa Violations Financial Penalty

Once you get your visa, it has specifications that you should follow dutifully. There are rules that you must abide by when in India and there is the particular duration of time that you should not exceed. If you do, you will have to pay financial penalties that can be high. Below we outline the summary of overstay and visa violations financial penalties.

It is important to note that the government has changed the penalties and scaled them higher as from December 2018.

e-Visa stamping in your passpor


When the official announcement was made on the 7th  of January, the charges details were as follows:

  • Non-registration and/or overstay up to the 90th day attracts the lowest penalty of $300. Even if you overstay just for a day.
  • Overstay of 90 days going to two years you will be charged $400 and if your overstay exceeding two years you will pay a penalty of $500.
  • Minor offenses that show violations of either the Foreigners Act of 1946, the registration Foreigners Act of 1939, the Passport Act of 1920 or any other Indian law attracts a penalty of 400 USD.
  • Engaging in activities which are not allowed by the visa you were granted will demand a penalty of USD 500.
  • If you overstay your visa duration and also indulge in visa violations, you will pay $500.

The best way to avoid these penalties is to choose to adhere to the India laws and remain within the provisions and jurisdiction of the visa granted. Further, plan your stay accordingly and apply for the right type of visa that allows you ample time to carry out the activities you want in India. Otherwise, violating the regulations may be too costly.

India Visa Soon to be Available to Saudi Nationals

Since the launch of the Indian e-visa in 2014, many countries have been allowed to obtain the e-visa in a fast, efficient and hassle-free manner. However, the Saudi nationals have not enjoyed this advantage until last month, February 2019.

Like other nationals, the Saudi’s will be required to give their personal details as they fill the e-visa application form, upload scanned copies of the passport and two passport-sized recent photographs. After that make the payment using PayPal, debit/credit card. The completion of the process is marked by receiving an email confirmation of the visa approval.

There is an option of either choosing an e-Medical Visa, e-Tourist Visa or e-Business Visa depending on the goal of your visit. An amazing thing is that Saudi residents to do not need agents to get the visa and the visa application can be completed at the comfort of one’s home. The old regime that has come to an end required that the Saudi’s provide their fingerprints before getting to India.

With this change, the government of India hopes to increase the number of tourists coming to India from Saudi. Better still, this progressive step will further tighten the economic and cultural ties of Saudi Arabia and India since they are close to each other geographically.

Visa extension India due to COVID:

However, for those foreign nationals who are already in India. The Indian government announced that they would be able to extend or renew their visas to allow them to stay in the country and avoid traveling. Apply through Indian visa extension online application. No need to make an appointment to visit the FRRO/FRO office.

12 responses to “India E-Visa can be Extend for One Year”

  1. HECTOR RICARDO 16-12-2019

    Thank you! I am so happy☺🤗✈
    I already planed to go to India in April again and I will need a Indian visa for this time too. I write you again when I know,where I will go ☺

  2. Ms Gurbinder Kaur Lanzante 05-01-2020
    Hi, I just learned that my visa expires 2days before I meant to depart from Indian. I made a genuine mistake and applied for 30day visa and my ticket was booked for 32 days. I normally apply for a year but when doing eVisa online the first time I pressed the 30day option by mistake and did not realise until I received the visa. Please advise how I can extend my visa for couple of days without violating Indian law.
    Gabriela Laverde 18-02-2020
    Hello I applied for my visa yesterday and it got granted. I’m having issues with my flight and I need to extend 30 day visa to longer time. Is that possible? Let me know thank you
    Dalpana 13-03-2020
    Hello, My Parents came to India on 23 January 2018 and were flying out on 20 April 2018. They had applied for E Visa and had their visa is valid for only 3 months. However, now due to corona virus, their flight back to Australia has been cancelled. How can they get an extension to their India visa. Please let me know.
    • sorab 19-03-2020
      register through e-frro for extension, slow website but works.
    Subhas 22-03-2020
    Dear Sir/Madam I just wanted to know, is it possible to apply E-Visa extension from out side the country?
    clayton remedios 24-03-2020
    Hi Team, My wife and 4 month old baby are currently held up in India due to COVID -19. The e visa is only valid till 06th june 2020. Can I extend the visa and if so, how may days prior should I apply for the extension before the expiry date. can you please help.
    Surinderbir kaur 06-04-2020
    Hi I am Indian born us citizen with 10year Indian visa which is valid up to 2027 . Right now I m in India with my two minors age 12 & 8 years.we suppose to leave on March 31 back to US but we stuck here in India because of covid19 my both kids has e visa which is gonna be expire on April 20 .How can I extend my kids e visa until I get next available flight back to US. They both born in USA. Help me plz
    Surinderbir kaur 06-04-2020
    Hi I am Indian born us citizen with 10year Indian visa which is valid up to 2027 . Right now I m in India with my two minors age 12 & 8 years.we suppose to leave on March 31 back to US but we stuck here in India because of covid19 my both kids has e visa which is gonna be expire on April 20 .How can I extend my kids e visa until I get next available flight back to US. They both born in USA. Help me plz
    Jali 06-04-2020
    Hello I and my daughter came to India in Jan and were supposed to travel back by March end and got stuck up coz of covid 19 and looking for e visa extension option for my minor daughter. Please do reply ASAP thank you!
    Satvir Luthra 09-07-2020
    Hello My mom Satvir Luthra is indian born US citizen she went to india in January and was returning back on late March. She had gotten 5yrs e-visa on arrival and now she got stuck due to lockdown. She does not want to travel back in these conditions due to her age she is 72 and has underling health conditions. I had applied for her visa extension online in June but I haven't heard anything from your side. when I check on the application status it just says application pending. please explain what should I do
    • Gurpreet 16-07-2020
      Hi. Actually I am apply the visa in March 2020 for 1 year. But I can’t travel in COVID 19. So right now I have plan to go India in Fed 2021 and my visa expire in March 2021 so is it possible u can extend my visa. Bcs I can’t travel in COVID 19. Please explain what I do now. Thanks

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