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Indian Electronic Visa ( eVisa ) Online Application

The Indian e-Visa or Electronic Visa (eTV) is an online travel authorization. It is a multiple entries visa for the e-Tourist and e-Business with a validity period of 365 days and triple entry for the e-Medical and e-Medical Attendant along with a validity period of 60 consecutive days and single entry for e-Conference with the validity of 30 days.

International applicants may apply for an e-Visa for India maximum 2 times per year, issued by the Indian Government under the following 5 categories:-

Indian e-Tourist Visa

  • The Indian e-Tourist visa is an online travel authorisation (eTV) for tourism.
  • It is issued for recreational visits, for meeting with Friends / relatives or Sightseeing for short time duration.
  • It is for multiple entries visa with 365 days.

Indian e-Business Visa

  • The Indian e-Business visa is valid for multiple entries and the validity is of 365 days.
  • It is issued for attending business meetings or trade or to set up Industrial / business venture.
  • It can also be issued to deliver lectures under Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN).
  • For recruitment purpose or to conduct tours (as a tour guide).
  • Can be issued to an expert or specialist in connection with an on-going project.

Indian e-Medical Visa

  • The Indian e-Medical Visa allows the applicant to enter the country 3 times in a year.
  • This e-Visa is for short term and granted for Medical treatment purpose only.
  • Traveller need to show proof for medical / diagnosis history issued by Indian Hospital to apply for the same.

Indian e-Conference Visa

  • The Indian e-Conference visa is permitted single entry and stays days in India will be 30 days.
  • It's workshops held in India to discuss a particular subject or for international seminars or conferences.
  • The delegates should produce an invitation letter to the seminar/conference or workshop that has been organized by the NGOs/private institutions, government-owned institutions, UN, Specialized agencies, any Ministry or department of the Indian government or UT administrations

Indian e-Medical Attendant Visa

  • This Indian e-medical attendant visa has the same validity as the Indian e-medical visa.
  • The patient already has an e-medical visa that serves them alone and nd can be granted only to a maximum of two family members.
  • It is an Indian Electronic Visa given to immediate relatives of patients visiting India to seek medical attention.

Please make sure to check Eligible Countries before applying for Indian e-Visa.

Document Requirements

The document requirements for the online submission of visa application form are as follows:

  • Digital Photograph
  • Scanned copy of the Passport

You will need some other documents for applying e-Business or e-Medical visa.