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Indian Electronic Visa ( eVisa ) Online Application

The government of India has made significant milestones to increase the number of travelers visiting India. In the year 2019 over 165 countries that can access the e-visa, from the 43 countries that were eligible when it was first launched in 2014 is a major step towards promoting tourism. In this post, we share with you what is an Indian e-visa and the different categories of e-visa that you can apply. Read on to get deeper insights.

What is Indian e-Visa?

The Indian e-Visa or Electronic Visa (eTV) is an online travel authorization. It is a multiple entries visa for the e-Tourist and e-Business with a validity period of 365 days and triple entry for the e-Medical and e-Medical Attendant along with a validity period of 60 consecutive days and a single entry for e-Conference with the validity of 30 days.

International applicants may apply for an e-Visa for India maximum 2 times per year, issued by the Indian Government under the following 5 categories:-

Indian e-Tourist Visa

  • The Indian e-Tourist visa is an online travel authorisation (eTV) for tourism.
  • It is issued for recreational visits, for meeting with Friends / relatives or Sightseeing for short time duration.
  • It is for double & multiple entries visa with visa validity of One Month to 60 months....
    • Indian 05 years e-Tourist Visa / Indian 05 years ( 60 months ) e-TV
    • Indian 1 years e-Tourist Visa / Indian 1 years ( 12 months ) e-TV
    • Indian 30 days e-Tourist Visa ( One Month Visa ) e-TV

Indian e-Business Visa

  • The Indian e-Business visa is valid for multiple entries and the validity is of 365 days.
  • It is issued for attending business meetings or trade or to set up Industrial / business venture.
  • It can also be issued to deliver lectures under Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN).
  • For recruitment purpose or to conduct tours (as a tour guide).
  • Can be issued to an expert or specialist in connection with an on-going project.

Indian e-Medical Visa

  • The Indian e-Medical Visa allows the applicant to enter the country 3 times in a year.
  • This e-Visa is for short term and granted for Medical treatment purpose only.
  • Traveller need to show proof for medical / diagnosis history issued by Indian Hospital to apply for the same.

Indian e-Conference Visa

  • The Indian e-Conference visa is permitted single entry and stays days in India will be 30 days.
  • It's workshops held in India to discuss a particular subject or for international seminars or conferences.
  • The delegates should produce an invitation letter to the seminar/conference or workshop that has been organized by the NGOs/private institutions, government-owned institutions, UN, Specialized agencies, any Ministry or department of the Indian government or UT administrations

Indian e-Medical Attendant Visa

  • This Indian e-medical attendant visa has the same validity as the Indian e-medical visa.
  • The patient already has an e-medical visa that serves them alone and can be granted only to a maximum of two family members.
  • It is an Indian Electronic Visa given to immediate relatives of patients visiting India to seek medical attention.

Please make sure to check Eligible Country for Indian Visa in 2020 before applying for Indian e-Visa.

Document Requirements

The document requirements for the online submission of visa application form are as follows:

  • Digital Photograph
  • You should submit a recent image of your photo that is colored. You will upload it as you fill the form. It is important that the size of your photograph matches with the recommended one. Otherwise, you may be unable to upload it.

  • Scanned copy of the Passport
  • You should take a quality scan copy that clearly shows your details especially the name. The passport you scan should have at least a validity of six months and two blank pages. Without this, getting the e-visa may be problematic.

You will need some other documents for applying Indian e-Business Visa or Indian e-Medical Visa.