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India eVisa Tip for Bangladesh

No online visa available for the citizen of Bangladesh. Kindly contact and apply for your India Visa in-person at the nearest India embassies or consulates.

Embassy of India in Bangladesh

India High Comission in Dhaka

House No. 2, Rd No. 142, Gulshan-I, Dhaka - Bangladesh

Phone: +880-2-9889339, +880-2-9888789, +880-2-9888791, +880-2-8820243, +880-2-8820247
Fax: +880-2-9893050
Email: visahelp@hcidhaka.gov.in
Website: http://hcidhaka.gov.in/

India High Comission in Chittagong

House No.211, Kulshi, Chittagong - Bangladesh

Phone: +880-3-7654148, +880-3-7654201
Fax: +880-3-7654147
Email: ahc.chittagong@mea.gov.in, ahc@colbd.net
Website: www.ahcichittagong.org

India High Comission in Rajshahi

House No. 284/2, Housing Estate, So, Sopura Uposhahar, Rajshahi, Bangladesh -

Phone: +880-7-21861213, +880-7-21861211, +880-7-21861214, +880-7-21861215
Fax: +880-7-21861212
Email: hoc.rajshahi@mea.gov.in
Website: www.ahcirajshahi.org