India Restored e Visa 2021


Nationals of 156 countries are now allowed to visit India on their e-Visas after the changes made by the government in the Covid-affected visa policy. The Ministry of Home Affairs, MHA has lifted restrictions on Medical, Business, and Conference e Visas.

Previously, the Indian government had restricted the mobility of foreigners within its territory under such visa categories. The e-Visas mentioned were suspended last year in March before the national lockdown. The government halted the visa issuance under such categories to limit the increasing number of Covid cases.

The Ministry of Home Affairs announced lifting the restrictions by issuing an order on March 30, 2021. The official release of the MHA stated that the government had restored the e-Visa under the categories including Indian 30 Days Tourist eVisa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical visa, e-Medical Attendant visa and e-Conference visa with immediate effect. According to the latest order, the nationals from 156 countries may come to India for getting treatment or attending to patients. They can also visit India for business and conference purposes by applying for their respective e-Visas.

Travellers who need to visit India under these categories, Can now apply for an e Visa according to their visit nature:

The decision seems questionable, as the country has seen an enormous rise of Covid patients this month. According to MHA officials, the decision to open an e-visa will not add the burden on health infrastructure in India. He mentioned that the officials would issue an e-Visa for medical reasons only if the applicant meets the condition. According to the new rule, to get a medical e-Visa, the patient needs to show a confirmed appointment at a hospital. So if the hospitals are overwhelmed, they will not be giving appointments to other patients.

The Indian government has still not allowed the nationals of the UK and China to visit the country under e-Visa schemes. The authorities will review the decision regarding restricting travel from these countries this month and then take the final decision.

In October 2020, the authorities had restored all visa types except e-Visa, tourist visa and medical visa. According to the order released, all existing visas, which got suspended, except electronic visa (e-Visa), tourist visa and medical visa, will stand restored with immediate effect.

If the validity of suspended visas had expired, the foreign national might obtain a fresh visa of the appropriate category and sub-category from the Indian Mission or relevant post. In the case of a Medical Visa (including a visa for Medical Attendants), the Indian Mission may grant a Medical visa for an appropriate period to the foreign nationals intending to visit the country for medical treatment under emergencies.

13 responses to “India Restored e Visa 2021”

  1. Komal Bajwa 29-05-2021
    Are spouses of OCI card holders that may have only a 10-year tourist visa allowed to travel under existing rules?
  2. Karin manchester 31-08-2021
    When will E Visa be restored for tourists
    • Mary Skaag 14-10-2021
      I wish to travel to India on 16th November 2021, please can I apply for my visa now before booking flight - Thank you
    • Arlene Mirer 18-11-2021
      I have a multiple entry visa issued in 2019 that expires in 2029. This is my 4th,but I believe it was stopped due to COVID. I have gone to India for the past 30 years, staying 2-3 months on my yearly visit. The E visa is only good for 30 days? What do I do to stay for 57days starting in Jan.2022? No one responds to emails, or phone calls at the Embassy. Is there a chance they might reinstate the multiple entry 10 year tourist visas that are valid?
    Shan 14-10-2021
    When is the e-Visa opening for tourists from the USA?
    Anthony Jackson 16-11-2021
    Due to travel December 24th to Goa. There are no appointments available for Visas at the embassy! Please can India reinstate the Evisa system for U.K. ASAP!
    Kulvinder Gill 18-11-2021
    I already have 10 years visa, is it still suspended?, or do I need to renew it. Because I am planning to go to India in the month of Jan/2022.
    Indian 22-11-2021
    29-05-2021 to 18-11-2021 - No response by any Indian Foreign Services officer from 161 countries (including India) ! What a shame and failure ! If you have OCI Card - stop wasting your time,here. You can go to India anytime.It does not give you voting rights as misleading name suggest "Overseas Citizen of India" - No you are not citizen of India and can not vote. Kulvinder Gill & others - You read Unlike other countries - we made life difficult by offering tons of "visa-type" w/o providing clarity to world even on policy so agents and airlines makes tons of money and people like us loose money despite taking off at job and buying expensive airfare. So open your Foreign Passport - go to Visa stamp - locate "Type of Visa" and " No of Entries". Most common type - Type of Visa "T" indicates you have Tourist Visa but "No of Entries" field can be Single/Double or Multiple. You all T Visa guys are screwed until Jan-2022. Game over. Now - type of Visa is "X" indicates you have Entry Visa.Entry Visa is NOT Tourist Visa as per consulate. It is for persons of Indian origin and spouse and children of Indian citizens/persons of Indian origin/OCI cardholder (other than those registered as OCI cardholders). Idiots do not provide clarity for Entry Visa and agents are claiming that you are tourist. No technically you are NOT tourist in your own country of origin so this visa is restored effective 15th Nov,2021 - Monday as per Consulate in USA. UK & China are different cases. Ask same question to your local consulate via Twitter and add their boss @DrSJaishankar, @MEAIndia, @narendramodi, @PMOIndia. Good luck ! Jai Hind !
    Alex U 14-12-2021
    Hello there, I'm an Estonian citizen and I would like to get Visa to enter India in January to have a wedding. I know that the current situation is very difficult but I really hope to get a visa for me and my family. Me and my bride from Shillong are trying to find an opportunity to get married and start living together in Estonia for more than a year already. Covid was always playing against us in this matter. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance! Kind regards
    Ram Veeraraghavan 14-12-2021
    Dear Sir / Madam, I have not visited my parents for the past 2 years and with recent relaxation for travel, I am intending to travel from Sydney to Chennai between the dates 26th Dec 2021 to Feb 9th 2022. I originally had 5 year tourist e-visa and during my last visit my Australian passport got damaged and had to issue a new passport. Attached herewith a screenshot of the 5 year e-visa i had been granted earlier stamped in my previous passport. I noticed in your website, currently only 30 days is issued and not 5 year (if i have to re-apply). My tickets are already booked and are non-refundable. What are my options? 1. can i book for 30 days and apply for extension for the rest of the period? 2. Can my already granted e-visa be applied to my new passport? 3. Should i apply for a new 5 year e-visa passport? With ageing parents, i intend to travel atleast 2 to 3 times to India and this is really useful to me. Kindly provide support and guidance on how to receive the right visa documentation for my visit. Already i am preparing for all the other documentation required which is time consuming and this was not anticipated. Appreciate your help on this. Looking forward for your earliest response. I have been double vaccinated with International covid certificate and have valid passport to travel which has more than 6 months validity. Regards
    IONA 14-12-2021
    Dear Sirs/Madam, I am originally from India, who is currently a USA Citizen, & I was granted a 5-year eTouristVisa eVisa issued on 11/01/2020, & Valid till 09/01/2025. & I visited India from 27/01/2020 to 05/02/2020 on this eVisa. Due to Covid, I was not able to visit my parents at India in the last 2years. CAN I TRAVEL TO INDIA TO VISIT MY PARENTS DURING DECEMBER'2021, with my above eVisa, which is valid till 2025? Appreciate your clarifying reply. Thanks & best wishes
    h 16-12-2021
    The site where I am trying to apply for evisa says. "The specified URL is inaccessible at this time. Please try after some time". This has been like that all day. Can you please fix this ?
    USMAN ISMAIL 25-12-2021
    HELLO, Good Day, I am trying to fill application form for medical visa to INDIA for the family of 4 but i don't know what to do. I have started filling the application form for the patient but i will need your assistance on how to fill the form for the whole family, Please advice if am to fill the form separately and still for medical visa for the remaining three family. Hope To Hear From You Soon, THANKS...

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