Indian e-Passport for all Indian Citizens

As per the Economic Times reported, the center has started the process of issuing e-passports to all citizens and is selecting a responsible agency that will set up the IT infrastructure and provide solutions in relation to the project. Indian citizens are expected to start receiving e-passports by 2021.

e passport for Indians, issuing e-passports to all Indian citizens from 2021

At present, anything issued to Indian citizens is printed on passport booklets. 20,000 e-passports based on official and diplomatic e-passport trials were completed through the government and an electronic microprocessor chip would be included. 

The move is intended to prevent disturbances in passports of passengers and help in faster immigration for passengers. These e-passports will be based on International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.

According to ET's report, all 36 passport offices in India will issue e-passports after incorporating the components of the privatization system into the current issuance system.

The agency will have a dedicated unit who is perfect with their own work and commitment to prepare personal e-passports which will allow issuance of 10,000 - 20,000 per hour. The report states that IT systems to handle the workload would be based in Delhi and Chennai. 

On 24 June, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that if the roll-out of e-passports accelerates, their introduction would greatly strengthen the security of Indian travel documents. Therefore, there is a need to faster to process the roll-out of e-passports. And applicant is required to pay India e-passport processing fee. processing fee as here e-passport processing fee.

Jaishankar had said that his ministry is working with the Indian Security Press, Nashik and the National Informatics Center for chip-enabled e-passports with advanced security facilities.

if will start the passport system then all travellers will easily travel and greatly strengthen the security of our travel documents. He said, I understand the production process that is going on and I will emphasize the need to complete it at the earliest.

Jaishankar said, "I emphasize that it is necessary to complete the creation of e-passports on a priority basis."

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