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Indian e-Tourist Visa gets 37.2% Growth in Foreign Tourist Arrival

India’s Ministry of Tourism with Bureau of Immigration (BOI) has announced the monthly data of April-2018. The result clearly shows the growth rate of 37.2% in e-Tourist Visa. 

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In April-2018, the Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) were 1,57,094. Whereas in April-2017 the footfall of tourists was recorded as 1,14,469, according to which the growth rate get registered of 37.2%. 

Bureau of Immigration (BOI) added, that during the period of January to April 2018, the total number of tourists arrived on e-Tourist visa were 9,18,792, Whereas, the last year data shows that in January to April 2017 it was 5,81,783. Thus, it has set the growth rate of 57.9%. 

According to the percentage released by the Foreign Tourist Arrivals FTAs to India during the period of April, 2018, they shared the top 15 sources of the countries who facilitates with e-Tourist visa were highest among these:

CountriesIndian e-Tourist Visa Issued
Russian Fed3.0%
South Africa1.8%
Republic of Korea1.7%

On the other evaluation, In April 2018, the share of percentage to the top 15 ports where tourists arrivals on e-Tourist visa were as follows:

Indian AirportsInternational Tourist Arrivals
New Delhi Airport46.2%
Mumbai Airport17.4%
Bengaluru Airport6.8%
Chennai Airport6.1%
Dabolim (Goa) Airport4.5%
Kochi Seaport4.4%
Kochi Airport3.4%
Hyderabad Airport2.5%
Kolkata Airport2.4%
Amritsar Airport1.3%
Trivandrum Airport1.1%
Jaipur Airport1.0%
Ahmedabad Airport1.0%
Trichy Airport0.5%
Calicut Airport0.4%

Thus, by the above data we can say that, in April 2018, India achieves 37.2% growth in Foreign Tourist Arrivals though e-Tourist Visa.

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