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No satellite phones in India - Traveling to India

The Indian Embassy has announced the guidelines for foreigner tourists visiting to India for not carrying satellite phones, as some cases of violation reported in the country has been observed. As per the fresh guidelines issued by Government of India, it is requested that the foreigners visiting India should not contain any ‘Thuraya’ / ‘Iridium’ or any other satellite phones with them during travelling.

satellite phones

Even after the ban on satellite phones, some travellers are still using / carrying such devices and get caught in the airports. The reason behind these rule violations are, some travellers don’t know these rules. This blog is written to make travellers aware about the ban and the possible inconveniences they will face for violations.

Even some travellers can carry permission to keep satellite phone with them, but Indian authorities reserve the full right to get deny that permissions.

The reason behind this ban is that the satellite phones get bypass the local telecom system and agencies found difficulty while tracking the conversations over there. It also get clase with the signals picked up by the army station or by the intelligence agencies. The rules was more sticked after the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, in this attack terrorists used satellite phones.

In Previous years also Indian Government has announced these type of warnings: In June 2013 also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, had issued similar kind of warning for the UAE nationals for travelling to India and instruct them to not carry satellite phones with them. As, this matter is directly related to the Country’s security so all travelers are requested to obey the rules and regulations of India.

Indian sim card

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