Apply for India eVisa

What is India e-Business Visa?

Indian e-Business Visa is a kind of e-Visa, issued by the Indian Government to non-Indian visitors who want to make their Business trips to India for establishing contact, for making / increasing sales and want to expand their business in Indian Market on the behalf of their company / Organisation.

The Eligibility criteria is mentioned below :-

  • To Setup industrial / business venture
  • For Sale/purchase / trade
  • To attend technical / business meetings
  • To get participation in exhibitions, business / trade fairs etc.
  • To Recruiting manpower

Entrances and Expiry tenure :-

  • Through 24 designated Airports and 3 designated Seaports, entry for Indian Business Visa is valid.
  • Double entry is permitted for both Indian e-Tourist Visa and Indian e-Business Visa.
  • Indian ETA for Business can be available for maximum of 2 times a year.
  • Indian e-Business Visa is non-extendable, non-convertible and not valid for visiting from protected / restricted Areas.