Where You Can Travel Visa-Free With This Passport Ranking Site

Security is a primary concern for every government and that is many put necessary measures to safeguard the safety of its nation as well as its people. With that, there are changing rules that govern who travels in and out of a country. It is amazing to know that there are some countries that need a visa before you can travel in while there are others that don’t. The challenge, however, is to determine which country falls where especially if you are an international tourist. But the good news is, there is a website that can help you and you do not have to stress out committing to memory countries, since you may not even be able to do that. passport power index is the website.

The owners of the site affirm that they update the information in real time. That means any change that occurs in any of the nations regarding visa requirements will be updated on the site. In this site, you will get to find information on which countries you will need just your passport regardless of the origin. Further, the site suggests that it stores the list of all the passports in the world and with that, it can provide a global ranking of the passports.
This passport ranking will help give countries their passport power index. Also, this website can give you tips to enhance your global mobility score through the acquisition of an extra passport if you are eligible for it.

The passport index is instrumental when deciding which country to travel in as it allows you to categorize passports by the location on a map, region, country, and color. With that information, you can then compare different countries to know which ones are more welcoming and which ones could be hostile based on the passport index. For instance, Afghanistan has the lowest score of 30 while the United Arab Emirates leads the score with a Visa-Free Score of 168. That means their passport is regarded as the most powerful in the world. Countries like the US, France, Norway, Japan and Ireland tie at a Visa-Free Score of 165.

Concluding on this matter, if you can confidently consider yourself as a global citizen, this website can prove extremely important and amusing to look through. Even if you are a once-in-a-while traveler, this site can also be helpful. With the real-time data, you will be able to make the right decisions regarding the passport you need. As you know, ignorance is no bliss and it may be too costly. So next time you want to travel, find credible information and make corresponding plans. I am sure you will enjoy this.

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