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India Restores Long Term e Tourist Visa with Immediate Effect 2022

India Restores Long Term e Tourist Visa

New Update December 06, 2022:

We are glad to inform all the travellers who want to visit India that a few more countries including the United Kingdom have got lucky this time as the Government of India has lifted off travel restrictions on few more countries and the updated list of Indian eVisa eligible countries now stands at 164.

As per the recent updates citizens of 164 countries can apply for an e-visa online. The e-visa services which had been available since 2014 got suspended for all countries during the covid-19 Pandemic and then when the services got restored later only 156 countries were being considered eligible until now.

Updated March 16, 2022:

We have joyful news for worldwide Indian travel lovers. Indian government restores long-term 1-year and 5-year e-tourist visas with immediate effect.

The government also said that it has restored old, long-term regular tourist visas (paper visas) with a validity of 5 years and 10 years, issued to citizens of all countries.

Now you can re-experience Indian hospitality, recreate your own experience and create new memories with your friends, family. There will be no limit of stay for 30 days. Citizens of 156 Eligible Countries for Indian e-Visa now can apply for 1-year and 5-year e-tourist visas from 16 March 2022 and stay in India for a longer period.


  • Currently, a valid e-Tourist Visa issued for 5 years, which was suspended since March 2020, shall stand restored to nationals of 156 eligible countries with immediate effect. Nationals of these 156 counties will also be eligible for issuance of a fresh e-Tourist visa.
  • Currently, valid Regular (Paper) Tourist visa with validity of 5 Years, issued to foreign nationals of all countries, which remained suspended since March 2020, shall stand restored. Fresh Regular (Paper) Tourist visa up to 5 years validity may also be issued to the nationals of the eligible countries subject to the restrictions imposed from time to time.
  • Currently, valid old Long duration (10) Regular Tourist Visa which remained suspended since March, 2020 shall stand restored for the nationals of USA and Japan. Fresh Long duration (10) Tourist Visas can also be issued to nationals of the USA and Japan.

Please Note: The government instructions will not be applicable in the following country. All e-Visa and Visa online services are still suspended for citizens of the countries. We will update as soon as the e-visa/visa facility is resumed for the below country:

  • Canada
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • Indonesia
  • Iran
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Macau
  • Malaysia
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Tajikistan
  • United Kingdom
  • Uzbekistan

Now, Please apply for a regular sticker visa at the Indian embassy in their country or nearby countries. Please contact the nearest embassy, consulate, or visa application center.

Foreign nationals on tourist and e-tourist visas will be able to enter India by flights only through designated Maritime Immigration Check Posts (IPs) or ICPs of the airport, including those under the 'Vande Bharat Mission' or 'Air Bubble' scheme or through any included by others. Flights permitted by DGCA or Ministry of Civil Aviation.

In no case, foreign nationals will be allowed to enter through the land border or river route on a tourist visa or e-tourist visa.

93 responses to “India Restores Long Term e Tourist Visa with Immediate Effect 2022”

  1. Narasimha Subban 16-03-2022
    Good morning after getting the 5 years tourist evisa, how long I can wait to enter India ? Usually I had 3 months time to use an evisa. Now is the same ? Thanks for reply
    • Uppen Ramesh Patel & Ramesh Govindbhai Patel 25-03-2022
      I have completed 120 months (10 years) visa application today online for me and my dad Ramesh Patel, can you please advise me how much is the fees, how and where to mail application with payment. Thank you Application Id - USAHV00A2F22 - UPPEN RAMESH PATEL Application Id - USAHV00A3022 - RAMESH GOVINDBHAI PATEL
    • Indiaevisas 29-04-2022
      Indian Immigration Authority modified their e-Tourist Visa policy in September 2019. According to the new policy Indian e-Tourist visas with 5-year or 60 months validity will start from the date of visa issuance. Once you receive the e-visa, you can plan your travel right away. Electronic visas are instant travel permits that can be acquired within a few days and even a few hours before your travel.
    • Rajnikant Joshi 07-12-2022
      I have 5 years Indian Evisa issued on 10 Nov 2019.Is it still valid?
    • James Robinson 30-12-2022
      I also have 5 Yr evisa from 2019. Is it OK to use. Someone please answer as booked flight for 3rd Feb 2022. Thanks in advance. James
    • Jay Joshi 30-12-2022
      My wife and I have eVisa valid through December 17, 2024. This eVisa is stamped on our US passports by BUREAU OF IMMIGRATION INDIA on January 9, 2020 at the Airport in Mumbai, when we visited India. Since we read that eVisa that were suspended in March 2020 due to raging Covid Pandemic, are lifted for US Citizens on March 16, 2022, we bought tickets to travel to India on January 20, 2023. Can you please confirm that our eVisa's are indeed restored and we can travel without anxiety? Your timely guidance and advice is deeply appreciated. I am grateful to Indian Government for issuing eVisa that are tremendous help to avoid going to Indian Embassy in person, something we did for many years in past. Kudos to Indian Government for being internet savvy and helping travelers. Thank you!
    • Dia 07-01-2023
      Hello, I would like to ask if you could fly with this visa. I'm in a similar situation now and trying to figure out if my e-tourist visa is valid (5yrs). Thanks
    • Dia 07-01-2023
      Hi, my e-tourist visa is from 2020 January till 2025 January. So can I just fly with it now? Thanks. (Hungarian citizen)
    • UR 08-01-2023
    • Rajmala. Langanathan 21-01-2023
      Good morning, Can I please ask you to confirm if my Indian e-visa that was issued on 14/08/2019 that expires on 12/08/2024 is valid for travelling to India in April 2023.
    Desor 16-03-2022
    US CITIZEN holding such visas are good to travel to India. These e Tourist / Tourist visas were suspended in March 2020. due to the Pandemic.
    Nazim Shafi Sayed 16-03-2022
    Hi my husband and I purchased a 5year visa in 2018 because of covid 19 we have not been allow to go will they still be valid for the years we wasn't allowed to go Margaret Roberts
    mark 16-03-2022
    Are you currently putting through a 5 year visa for USA citizens? Are there changes? What is the cost?
    • Indiaevisas 29-04-2022
      For US passport holders, the continuous stay for a 5-year visa must not exceed 180 days. The visa cost depends upon the type of visa required, such as single-entry or multiple-entry, three months, 1-year, 5-year validity, and the processing time. If you want the visa urgently, that is, within 24 hours, you will pay for an urgent visa, which costs higher than standard electronic visas. you can check visa fees details on our India visa fees page.
    sandie hare 16-03-2022
    I have a 5 year paper visa with 3 years remaining. I see the 5 year visa has been reinstated and that it now seems possible to obtain a new one. Could you please let me know if my existing visa is now valid again or do I need to reapply.
    • MRITIKA ROY 10-04-2022
      My Father ( 65 years old) has a 5-year paper visa which is valid up to 2023. I see the 5-year visa has been reinstated. Could you please let me know if my father's existing visa is now valid again or do I need to reapply? Please suggest Can he use Agartala broader for crossing from Bangladesh to India with his old visa? Please Note, In the visa, it mentioned broader name is Agartala Broader. Please Clarify the above issues as we are in a puzzle with so much confusing recent news.
    • MRITIKA ROY 10-04-2022
      My Father ( 65 years old) has a 5-year paper visa which is valid up to 2023. I see the 5-year visa has been reinstated. Could you please let me know if my father's existing visa is now valid again or do I need to reapply? Please suggest Can he use Agartala broader for crossing from Bangladesh to India with his old visa? Please Note, In the visa, it mentioned broader name is Agartala Broader. Please Clarify the above issues as we are in a puzzle with so much confusing recent news.
    • Indiaevisas 29-04-2022
      Your father’s existing visa is valid and he can travel using the same visa, without needing to reapply for a new visa. The Government of India restored all valid long duration or 10-year and regular paper tourist visas obtained by foreign nationals of all countries. This policy is applicable on visas suspended since March 2020. Fresh paper tourist visas with up to 5-year validity will also be issued to foreigners of eligible countries but with certain restrictions.
    • Umakant 22-09-2022
      My and wife had old multi entry Indian P type visa issued on the year 2015 valid upto 2025 . Both have valid up to 2025 in old US Passport and we renew new US passport up to valid year 2030. There should be no problem to visit India to meet friend and family? to carry old and new passport , Please be advised us Thanks Umakant Parmar
    Rosemary 16-03-2022
    I have a ten year multiple entry visa that is valid till 2024. Is India honoring that now? Thanks
    • Indiaevisas 29-04-2022
      If you are a USA or Japan national, your visa will be honored. The Indian government has restored all currently valid 5-year e-tourist visas issued to nationals of 156 countries and standard paper visas to all foreign travellers. This new policy is applicable to visas suspended since March 2020 due to the coronavirus outbreak. Currently, all valid long duration or 10-year validity regular tourist visas that were suspended in March 2020 have been restored for the nationals of USA and Japan only. And, fresh long duration, 10-year validity tourist visas will be issued to USA and Japan nationals.
    Martin Brading 16-03-2022
    Dear Visa Office, I applied for a new 10 year tourist visa for India back in November 2021, as mine was due to expire. Since then everytime I check online it says the Visa is in progress, but that's nearly 4 months now. Is that likely to change soon? I see on today's that new 5 and 10 year visas are being issued again now. So do I need to start a new application process?
    • Indiaevisas 29-04-2022
      In March 2022 the government of India restored all 5-year validity e-tourist visas for citizens of 156 countries and paper visas to nationals of all countries. However, 10-year validity visas have only been restored for nationals of the USA and Japan. If you do not belong to any of these countries, your e-tourist visa will not be processed.
    • Vijay 10-10-2022
      I hv an e visa for 5 years expiring in 2024. I am from Malaysia. In 2019 my passport was stamped with the e visa number. At the airport yesterday I was informed I can’t use that visa to enter India. Having paid fir 5 years, I was asked to apply for a paper visa if I want to travel soon or wait for e visa to be restored for Malaysia. That’s going to cost me further.
    Yogesh Unadkat 16-03-2022
    With The Latest Announcement Today, why Indian E-visa not Opened Up For UK?
    • Indiaevisas 29-04-2022
      The Indian government has reinstated e-visas for nationals of all 156 countries eligible to apply for an electronic visa to visit India. British nationals can also apply for fresh Indian e-visas to meet family/friends, sightseeing, recreation, or participating in Yoga programs. From September 2019, tourists on British passports also get the right to apply for a long-term, 5-year validity Indian tourist e-visa with multiple entries.
    • Barbara Gray 03-08-2022
      Do you have any idea of timescale as to when UK citizens will be eligible for EVisa?
    • SANJANA 23-11-2022
    Virginia D 16-03-2022
    Dear Sirs, Madams, Namaste, Namaskar I had a ten-year visa and it has lapsed for a couple of years. Is it possible for me to get a new 5-year visa? I am a U.S. citizen. Thank you, for your help.
    I am an Australian citizen.Right now i am in Australia itself .Currently I have a tourist visa of 30 days validity,which I wish to travel on May 2022 .I wish to upgrade my visa to one year visa with multiple entry .Can I upgrade this visa or Can I apply for another visa in same time
    • Indiaevisas 29-04-2022
      Please remember that you cannot extend or renew your Indian e-visa. Also, you cannot apply for and used your e-visa from within India. Once the visa is issued, it is not possible to extend its validity and you will have to apply for a new visa with one-year validity.
    Paramjit Singh 19-03-2022
    I am an Australian Citizen. Right now I am in India on e-visa with 30 days stay till 25th March. Can I get an extension as my father is unwell and I want to stay for some more time. Is the limitation of 30 days still existing for e-visa as the website says "There will be no limit of stay for 30 days" from 16th March 2022.
    Madhumeeta Chakranarayan 21-03-2022
    I am a US citizen and am currently in India on the 30 day e-tourist visa and have applied for an extension 2 weeks back since I needed to stay longer to look after my mother. I have not received the extension yet. How can I find out the latest status of my extension? On the status on E-FFRO website, for last one week it says Application/documents completed, wait for further instructions. However I just saw this news - India Restores Long Term Tourist Visa with Immediate Effect on March 16, 2022. I already have a Tourist visa stamped in my passport valid till 2024, will that allow me to stay in India longer without getting an extension since my old visa is valid now?
    Indira Vemuri 29-03-2022
    Before filling out the long evisa form, I wanted to ask a couple of questions: How much is a tourist visa for a USA citizen coming in April 2022? What kind of tourist visa do I need for the following: Arriving in Delhi staying 1 night at JW Marriott on 7 April Coming back to Delhi staying 1 night on 15 April, departing for USA the next day I very much appreciate your help on answering these questions. Thanks.
    tenz lha 29-03-2022
    How does this evisa work? Am I to understand it correctly that once we get the print out visa confirmed page in about 5 days we have to show this at the airport and the visa is stamped there in our passport? How long does it take on a regular basis?
    • Indiaevisas 29-04-2022
      After your e-visa application is processed and verified, the approved visa is sent directly to your email inbox. The visa is usually sent in PDF format. You need to take a print out of the e-visa and also save its digital copy. Carry your passport that you used to apply for the e-visa and the printed copy or scan of the approved visa along when you travel to India. Upon your arrival, you will have to show both travel documents to the immigration officials. The authorities will take your biometric data and the visa sticker will be pasted inside your passport.
    jawher jumaila 29-03-2022
    my name is jawher jumaila and im a indian citizen currently residing in US. recently i applied for 1 month evisa for my son who is US citizen. I would like to change the visa category from 1 month single entry visa to 1year multiple visa . what are the procedures for that?
    erick 30-03-2022
    Can a valid USA entry visa (tourism or work) be denied due to a old credit card debit or other credit restrictions that happened in the US? Is there a problem with the USA entry on a B1/B2 5-year visa during the last 6 months? I have read about it here but haven't got the proper answer
    • Indiaevisas 29-04-2022
      Credit or debit card debt, whether current or old, does not affect your chances of obtaining an electronic visa. There’s very less chance that your tourist visa application will be rejected because of your credit history as long as you can pay the visa fee, travel expenses, and support your stay in India. If you provide proof of financial stability or someone can sponsor your stay, your visa application will be approved.
    • Indiaevisas 29-04-2022
      The B-1/B-2 visa is a non-immigration, temporary visa allowing the visa holder to travel to the US for tourism or business purposes. There has been a problem with visa processing lately due to COVID-19 but currently, there is no issue and you can travel to the USA without any hesitation.
    Anastassia 31-03-2022
    Hello, I am UK nationalised but cannot find this nationality in the drop list
    Ammarah 31-03-2022
    Please confirm whether indian visit visa to meet friends/relatives for Pakistani nationals (Pakistani passport) has been restored?
    • Indiaevisas 29-04-2022
      An e-Tourist visa to India is not issued to holders of Pakistani passports. There are other types of visas that Pakistani nationals can apply for, including visitor visa for attending arts, sports, or cultural events, conference visa, pilgrim visa, medical and medical attendant visas, transit visa, journalist visa, student visa, assignment visa, official visa, and group tourist visa.
    Glenda 19-05-2022
    Hi, My husband and self applied for a 5 Year E-Visa from the UK in 2019 to travel to India in March 2019. We were issued with the E-Visa for 5 years then due to Covid 19 our E-Visa was suspended. When can we use our E-Visa and has it been unsuspended so we can travel to see our family in India.Thanks for your help.
    • Pravina Patel 06-10-2022
      Hi I have e-visas issued in December 2019 and due to COVID I couldn’t go again and want to travel next year so is my e-visas still valid can someone please give me the correct information as everyone is saying something different and my passport has a stamp when I went in 2022 saying visas until 2024 and multiple
    Fin Thomas 29-05-2022
    Please could you let us know when will eVisa be reinstated for UK nationals, as UK is not in the 156 countries list for eVisa?
    Harjinderpal S Bhatia 17-06-2022
    Dear Dir Good day I contact your BLS Surrey office they said the long terms visa is still suspended so please advise me I’m holding 10 years tourist visa for India is it good to go or not Thanks
    Harjinderpal S Bhatia 17-06-2022
    Dear Sir, Good day I’m holding 10 years multiple entering visa for India . Please advise me if it has been restored. And how long I can stay in India without any extension from FRRO Thanks 🙏
    Capn 30-06-2022
    If I had other Indian evisas during the pandemic, is my long term evisa still 'reinstated', or has the new visas cancelled it, as is the normal case? Nowhere is this addressed in any FAQ, though many must be in the same position.
    Manharlal Chauhan 05-08-2022
    Hi me and my wife have 5 years E-Visa from January 2020 and the last we visited Goa India was in February 2020 expiring January 2025 We are UK Nationals we planning to go to Goa in January 2023 as we always used to go to Goa every year can you please let me know if our E-Visas are good to travel as I have another friend who wants to come and has no visa and when he tried it on the evisa web site on the drop down list of countries United Kingdom is not there .Thanking you regards
    Raj Syed 08-08-2022
    Hi I have an Indian passport with Australian PR and my kids have Australian passport. I want to stay more than 90 days upto 180 days, which Visa category do I need to apply for dependent kids under 6 years of age
    M and M 06-09-2022 is a scam people! they will eat your money and it is listed on their website of scams.- do NOT fall for it.
    Rav 08-09-2022
    I had a 5 year visa issued in 2019. It said entry should take place within one year. However, I was unable to visit India during this one year period, which has now expired by two years. I was told I could still use this to enter India, but I am skeptical of this information as the printed form clearly says entry before October 2020. I do not want to risk being turned away by Indian Immigration. So should I apply for a new visa?
    Lucinda Powell 14-09-2022
    My husband and I have a 5 year e visa which was stamped in our passports on 20 Jan 2020 they expire Jan 2024 are they still valid to go to India in Jan 2023? Please advise.
    • Varsha shah 07-11-2022
      Can you please let us know when 5 years visa are going to be restart which was issued in November 2019
    Umakant C Parmar 23-09-2022
    My and wife had old multi entry Indian T type visa issued on the year 2015 valid upto 2025 . Both have valid up to 2025 in old US Passport and we renew new US passport up to valid year 2030.( wife valid up to 2032) Is there any problem to visit India to meet friend and family to carry old and new passport ? Please be advised us Please reply Thanks Umakant C Parmar
    Dipak patel 08-10-2022
    Hi Is there any chance India will restore evisa for UK citizens before December
    Alastair C Peters 12-10-2022
    Dear I am British Citizen born in India , I have a 5 year VISA issued in 2019. Please confirm if i could use the VISA to travel in Dec-22 to India to meet my family and friends. Thanks In Advance .
    Vaithi 17-10-2022
    I hv an e visa for 5 years expiring in 2025. I am from Malaysia. In 2019 my passport was stamped with the e visa number. At the airport yesterday I was informed I cannot use that visa to enter India. Having paid fir 5 years, I was asked to apply for a paper visa if I want to travel soon or wait for e visa to be restored for Malaysia. This going to cost me further.
    • jasbinder 02-11-2022
      I am holding a 5 year tourist visa from uk to India.(issued sept 2019) ... I am travelling at the end of this mth. when will I get my visa restored . Ipaid a lot of money and haven't been able to use it at all apart for 1st yr . Trying to get an appt at the Visa. house in Hounslow is just impossible as all the dates are fully booked. This Is URGENT ...your early responnse would be most appreciated
    Sabrina Sidhu 31-10-2022
    I have accidentally submitted by Visa application (from UK) without attaching a photo. Can I just take photos to the appointment or should I re-start the application?
    Anna 10-11-2022
    My five year tourist visa issued in Greece Athens in 2019 is restored. I travel in November and I want to know how many days I can stay visa says each entry must not be more than 180 days.... How long can I stay now ? Before I could stay 180 days single entry ...I am Greek .
    Nilesh Jhala 12-11-2022
    I have just visited your website and it says that the India e-vusa fir UK nationals is now restored. Can you confirm if this is correct & that I can apply for an e-visa
    Varsha shah 16-11-2022
    I have read the news india 5 years e visa are going to restored for U.K. Nationals can you confirm the dates when it is going to be
    Laurie Chateauvert 19-11-2022
    Hi. I am a Canadian citizen and I am going to a yoga teacher training program in India in February. Will the evisa for Canadian return before that? And if not how do I get a tourist visa ? I am currently in Western Australia. Thank you
    Omar M. Ramahi 20-11-2022
    Hello Sir/Madam, I have a 5 year visa issued on 05/07/2018 on my Canadian passport (multiple entries). can I enter India using this visa now?
    Cazanove sully 27-11-2022
    Hi I would like to know if my e-visa 900ID8D6K from 01/20 - 01/25 has been restored ? Can I fly to India in December with my visa? Cazanove sully french Thx
    • Dia 07-01-2023
      Hello, I would like to ask if you could fly with this visa. I'm in a similar situation now and trying to figure out if my e-tourist visa is valid (5yrs). Thanks
    Manuela 05-12-2022
    Hi, My e-visa is from Dec 9th 2019 to dec 7th 2024. Am I atill able yo travel with this e-Visa with my italian passport? Thanks
    JANET FOGLIA 07-12-2022
    Is eVisa open for India from UK?
    • indiaevisas 07-12-2022
      India is set to resume its e-Visa service for United Kingdom (UK) citizens for the first time since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020. The website for obtaining eVisa is ready from 6th December so that applicants can apply for themselves. Visa informed the Indian High Commission in London on the same.
    Angela 07-12-2022
    Are 1 year e visas now available to UK citizens and how long must I be Becky in UK before I can re enter India. Looking to visit in Feb 2023 and again in November 2023. Would this be acceptable on a 1 year e visa?
    Jagajothi Selvarasah 13-12-2022
    My Passport number A36958529, Name JAGAJOTHI SELVARASAH Indian e-Visa number g023E5255 , The tourist e-visa was issued on the 2nd Dec 2019, for 5 years multiple entry. Is this visa still valid. pLEASE CHECK FOR ME, THANK YOU.
    Ruchi Gupta 16-12-2022
    Is the duration for short term e-Tourist Visa still 60days or it has changed? How long does the process take to get e-tourist visa for 60days double entry visa?
    • lindsay Green 18-01-2023
      Does double entry mean I can come in twice in my 30 days ie fly into dehli, go to Nepal and fly back into Kolkata ?
    Arikhana Shah 18-12-2022
    Hi, I am a British Citizen and I have five e-visa which were issued in 2020 and will be expired in 2025. Many people are worried about their long-term e-visa if they have restored it. I have contacted the HIGH COMMISSION OF INDIA, and their reply was, a valid long-term e-visa has been fixed until the expiry date and there is no need to reapply for a new entry visa. This is good news.
    Soon Li Ong 21-12-2022
    I have received my 5 year tourist visa within 24 hours as urgent process. Many thanks and truly appreciated. Wishing you and your family a fabulous Christmas in advance and a very Happy new year with good health, wealth and lot’s of happiness blessing.
    Thanushia Sooriyakumaran 21-12-2022
    Hi, I am a Canadian citizen and my 5 years e Visa was suspended previously, now that we can apply e Visa online did they also restored my e Visa?
    Rajinder Narula 22-12-2022
    Hi, I am a Canadian Citizen and got 5 years EVisa in Jan of 2020. I am planning to go to India in March, am I able to use my visa still?
    Tony Sohal 23-12-2022
    Hi I have 5 yr e-tourist visa issued before Feb 2020, is it still valid for Canadian citizens or I have to apply for a new one. Please advise. Thanks
    Daniel Heller 27-12-2022
    Dear ladies and gentlemen, I have a 5-years-e-visa issued 13. Dec. 2019, expiry date 11. Dec. 2024 (Application Id: I004W2C37A19, Passport Number: X3898514, ETA Number: 902A2AD4J). I have been in India for one month in March 2022. At that time I could not use my 5-year-e-visa, I had to apply for a new one-month-e-visa. Now I like to go to India for three months. I booked a flight for the 5th of January 2023 from Zürich to Delhi and back on the 4th of April 2023. Is my 5-years-e-visa now valid and can I use it for my trip to India? Thank you for your answer. Faithfully yours
    • UR 08-01-2023
    Susan Cammish 27-12-2022
    I applied for a 5 year evisa on 11th December. I was expecting to recieve it within 72 hours but 16 days later I still do not have it. Payment was taken when I submitted the application. Is there a problem with the system?
    Antonio Luigi Flore 07-01-2023
    I am an italian citizens resident in UK at the London office I was granted 5 years Indian Evisa issued into an Italian Passport on December 2019 which was suspended in March 2020 , Is it now restored and valid to travel
    • UR 08-01-2023
    Carol Flynn 08-01-2023
    I am i purchased a 5 year visa pre covid which expires 2024. Can I use it this year to travel to Goa?
    Carol Flynn 08-01-2023
    If my 5 year visa is still valid ' do I need to get my biometrics added in uk before I travel or can I wait until arriving at goa airport?
    Michael Tobyn 10-01-2023
    Is my 5 year e visa issued 24.11.19 Expiry 22.11.24 valid . I used it 29.12 19 and it got stamped in my passport
    Sascha 13-01-2023
    Is the validity of my 5 year paper visa from 2019 affected by an e-buisness-visa that was issued and used after?
    Kilvir Bahra 15-01-2023
    Good morning, Can I please ask you to confirm if my Indian e-visa that was issued on 29 February 2020 that expires on 31 October 2025 is valid for travelling to India in March 2023.
    • Purnima Sharma 19-01-2023
      Hello, I am an American citizen (previously Indian) and I have 5 years e-visa valid through 14/10/2024 which I was granted pre-covid era, in October of 2019. I have visa stamp from Kolkata airport Immigration that expires on Oct 14th of 2024. I am planning a visit to India next month again. Do I have to reapply for the e-visa since rules changed after pandemic. Thank you.
    Lynne Joyce johnson 23-01-2023
    Is my 5 year evisa issued in October 2019 now valid tor travel expiry date is October 2024 but I have not used this visa before due to covid lock down and restriction visa number 9020A10BJ lynne johnson

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