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Visa Photo Requirements

Acceptable visa photos

The Indian e-Visa photo must be recent and not less than six months old with all technical requirements (Guidelines). If your photo does not meet all requirements, it is likely to be rejected and delay the submission of your application, then you need a new photo. Please follow the given instructions carefully to meet all technical requirements for photo:-
    • Format-JPEG
    • Size:-
i) Minimum 700 KBii) Maximum 3 MB
  • The photo must have dimensions between 900 x 1200 pixels wide and 2250 x 3000 pixels high (in a 3:4 aspect ratio)
  • The expression on the face should look natural and photo print should be clear and with a continuous tone quality.
  • It should have full face, front view, eyes open and without spectacles.
  • The Photo should present full Centre head from top of hair to bottom of chin within frame.
  • Background should be plain light colored or white background.
  • There should not be any distracting shadows on the face or on the background.
  • Head coverings are not permitted except for religious reasons, but the facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of the face must be clearly shown.
  • Without borders.
  • Acceptable visa

Your photo must be:

Be in portrait (not landscape)
  • Acceptable visa (portrait)
  • Acceptable visa wrong

Be of you (not a photo of a captured image or your travel document)

  • Be of you1
  • Be of you2
  • Be of you3

Have even lighting with minimal shadowing

  • minimal shadowing
  • minimal shadowing1
  • minimal shadowing3
  • minimal shadowing4

Be in colour, showing natural skin tones

  • natural skin tones
  • natural skin tones1

Be in focus (not blurry)

  • Be in focus
  • Be in focus1

Not contain red-eye

  • Not contain
  • Not contain1

Be an original photo (not changed by photo-editing software)

  • not changed
  • not changed1

Not be a selfie

  • Not be a selfie
  • Not be a selfie1

Be taken 1.5 metres from the face

  • Be taken
  • Be taken1

Be taken against a plain, light-coloured (but not white) background with no patterns or objects

  • background
  • background1
  • background2
  • background3

Only contain plain clothing patterns

  • clothing patterns
  • clothing patterns1

Be of one person

  • Be of one
  • Be of one1

If you wear a head covering:

You may wear a head covering for religious or medical reasons. Make sure that your face and hairline can be seen clearly in the photo.
  • head covering
  • head covering1