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Extension On Indian eVisa due to COVID - 19

Extension On Indian eVisa due to COVID - 19

As the Government of India has suspended all e-visa services for all national and international travelers due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Here is important information for all the foreign visitors who are currently in India. However, they are not allowed to return to their countries due to their safety as well as the concern of other people. But the Indian government has given permission to extend their e-visas. So everybody can stand a visa now. 


How to Extend e Tourist Visa in india?

All foreign visitors can extend their visa through FRRO/FRO services website / Mobile app. It is a completely online process and you don’t need to visit FRRO/FRO office unless you get a call from FRRO/FRO for some specific reason. 

  • Apply through e-FRRO/FRO online application. No need to make an appointment to visit the FRRO/FRO office. You will be called only in specific situations.
  • The focus of the e-FRRO/FRO application to create a platform for foreign visitors related to visa services.
  • The objective is to provide user-friendly, paperless, cashless services and saving your precious time.
  • By using this application foreign national are able to create their own User-ID by registering themselves. Using their own User-ID, they can apply for e-visa and related services such as registration, visa extension, exit permit, and visa conversion effectively.
  • All the documents such as visa documents, registration permits, visa permits, visa extension, visa conversion, etc, will be sent on registered email and by post on registered address mention on documents.
  • It is not mandatory for foreign nationals to visit FRRO/FRO offices. In case of specific conditions, they will be notified to visit the FRRO/FRO office.
  • For further information, foreign nationals can visit the FRRO/FRO office.


Here are some following steps to extend India visa




As these rules may change at short notice, this information should be used as a guideline only. Passengers should refer to the latest information published by the government of their destination or home country.

10 responses to “Extension On Indian eVisa due to COVID - 19”

  1. Phani Venigalla says:
    Good Morning Sir/ Madam, My son Karthik Venigalla with a passport number 567070120 is US citizen is a minor and is currently in India with Grand parents on eVisa valid up to 6/10/2024 and stay up to 180days from 24/12/2019, which is until 20/06/2020. Due to Corona virus situation of travel risk and the unavailability of flights or cancellation of flights or airline tickets, I would like to know the process of extending the stay for another 180days or eVisa from India. Please advise on the same. Thanks, Phani.
    • Rachan Seeba says:
      Hi Phani - even I'm faced with a similar situation. I'd like to know the process for extending the eVISA beyond the current 180 day limit. Please let me know if you heard anything.
    Musaja says:
    E visa related I have e visa for 1 year multiple entry but I cannot exceed 90 days from the Date of entry and the situation of corona virus I want to extend 90 days to 180 days so what’s the procedure my 90 days it’s about to finish plz reply as soon as possible thanks
    Tirustay says:
    Good afternoon - I have a e-visa 5 years ( obligation to go out every 90 days ). Now due to the virus I can’t go out of India. I tried to extend my stay online but it’s not clear for me ... I registered on the website with a password but there is no option «  visa extension for covid-19 » ... Could you please make it clear for me, I am unable to do it ... How to process ?
    Li Ning says:
    Hi, my family are in India right now. Our visa will expire on 14th April. But our flight, which is scheduled on April 7th, has been cancelled due to the most recent 21-day lockdown policy. We are holding e-Visa (Tourism). What shall we do to extend our visa?
    Madier says:
    I can't register my demand of visa extension. The answer is always: "wrong mail identity"...
    • Weiss Helmut says:
      Our flight to Toulouse ( France) the 24 of march has been cancelled due to Covid-19. We came the 6th of January and our Visa is valid for 90 days. Our Visa in general is valid from 28/11/2019 until 27/05/2020. Our questions are: Do we need an extension for our Visa? We can't register our demand of visa extension because the answer is "wrong mail identity or wrong password...
    Pervinder Sandhu says:
    Hi I have completed the E Visa extension, I have noticed my first name is spelt wrong with last 2 letter missing. Will the extended visa have my correct name and amended at your office for processing. Please let me know and how long the process takes to extend Visa due to Covid-19.
    RANIA says:
    Hi sir i m Rania . i need your help to guide me on my extension summation i came to India 12.01.2020 my visa 90 day only expired on 10.04.2020 Visa due to Covid-19.
    GAUTHIER says:
    What is thé certificat ? For the extension of m'y Visa due to Corona virus?

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