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FRRO Visa Extension

FRRO basically comprises Foreigner Regional Registration Offices situated in India specifically organized for foreign nationals. For the purpose of long term stay in India, India provides the services of FRRO to provide visa registration to foreigners. The cities of India in which FRRO centers are situated includes, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Amritsar, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Trivandrum, Kozhikode, Cochin. You can register yourself with the Registration Officer within 14 days of your arrival in India. This is what the visitors used to do in earlier times. Due to the technology enhancements, you do not need to visit the FRRO office. Your registration can be done online using e-FRRO, a website provided by Indian Government so you do not need to go down to the office. It is quite a friendly system to deal with, all you need to do is follow the instructions given to you and you can easily get your visa extension India.

Here are some instructions you need to follow while you are using e-FRRO system to get your frro visa extension:

  • You will be provided FRRO services only in case of emergency/exigency
  • You must be present at FRRO office whenever called for interview
  • You must keep in touch with your inbox in case of any important email from FRRO
  • You will be fined as per Indian laws in case of delay in uploading your documents
  • FRRO India visa extension services are not applicable for diplomats/officials who are under jurisdiction of CPV Division, Ministry of External Affairs
  • You must upload your documents having good quality image
  • You must use your own email id for the privacy and security of your personal data
  • Services provided by FRRO can be cancelled at any time by Civil Authority keeping in view the enquiries and verification. Necessary actions will be taken by the laws of India against the foreigner.
  • You are advised to apply at least two weeks in advance

    How to Apply for Extension Visa

    Step1: Create Your Account

    The first step to get yourself registered with is creation of your account on the online portal of FRRO extension. For that purpose you need to provide your user id and password.

    Indian frro registration

    Step2: User Verification With Email or Mobile Number

    For the user authentication process, you need to provide a valid email id and a valid mobile number in India to obtain the OTP (Online Time Password) in order to verify your information. Users must use their own emails and mobile numbers to avoid any kind of confusion or trouble during the authentication process.

    FRRO Verification Page

    Step3: Login with Valid Credentials

    After the successful creation and verification of the user's account, he/she can submit online visa extension india by logging into the portal.

    Indian frro login

    Step4: Online Application Submission with Documents

    As you log in to the portal, you may start filling out the application form by providing the required information. You must upload your necessary documents and make sure none of the documents are missed. After you are done with filling the application and sure about every entry, you can click the submit button.

    Extension visa application form

    Photographs and Documents

    For the submission of your application form of visa extension FRRO, you need to submit some requirements for registration. The documents along with photographs are the basic necessities for your application form. You need to upload your documents required to process visa extension or any service and photographs keeping in view the instructions mentioned below:

    • Initially, you have to click on “Online Application Submission” option on the portal
    • None of the edited or modified photographs be accepted
    • Only one copy of each document needs to be uploaded
    • Please make sure that the scanned documents are uploaded in PDF format
    • A single supporting document may have its multiple PDFs. Size limit of a PDF is 1MB
    • A PDF is generated after filling the application form and uploading the photographs and required documents along with it
    • The permanently saved application is accessible for re-printing only

    Here are some requirements related to photographs listed as follows:

    • The format of your photograph must be jpg
    • The maximum size of your photograph should be 1MB
    • Your photograph should represent full face, front view, and eyes open
    • Center head within frame and present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin
    • Plain light color or white color is preferred for the background of the photograph
    • There must not be any shadow in the face or on the background of the photograph
    • Bring the same photo as used on the application form
    • Passport size photo must be uploaded with the dimensions (3.5 x 3.5 cm or 3.5 x 4.5 cm)
    • The exact photograph must be uploaded, no borders needed
    • Tilted, distorted or blur photo would not be accepted

    Step6: Receive Payment Requested for Indian Visa Extension

    You may receive an email from FRRO to pay the Indian visa extension fee. For the purpose of paying your visa extension fees, you can use the online banking system, credit card, debit card or UPI gateway to pay your required fee amount. 

    Payment requested from FRRO

    You will have to login to the FRRO portal and click on the "Payment" option. This will take you to the payment page. The frro payment fee will depend on where you are from.

    Payment for India visa extension

    You have to choose payment gateway, can choose any one SBI e-pay or Axis. You can pay using a credit card, debit card, internet banking or UPI gateway like Google Pay.

    choose payment gateway FRRO

    On pressing "Pay Now" ,the application will be redirected to Payment Gateway to pay the registration fee and will be outside the control of Indian FRRO Application. The responsibility of security of the transaction process and details on the payment page will be of Payment gateway.

    SBIePay accepts both OTP (One Time Password) and non-OTP transactions. In case of any issue, please contact your Card issuing Bank.

    make payment online for extension visa


    If the payment has been completely successful, you will see the confirmation page.

    Payment confirmation from eFRRO

    If you need to track down the status of your application you login to the portal and check it. In case of any service granted or rejected by the office, the system will notify you on the portal and a copy (RC/RP) of the document will also be sent to you by email. You can also contact the agency using a portal in case of any emergency or exigency.

    Extension Visa Processing Time 

    The Application will be processed within 7-10 days after getting complete Documents/Payment/Information. And After complete process a response would be sent to the email provided in the visa application.

    Receive the India Visa Extension / Registration Certificate on Email

    After complete the whole process and make the payment. you will receive the extension visa as a PDF in your email. An Indian visa can be extended at least 1 month - 1 year. It depends on FRRO or your stay days in India.

    rc/rp visa extende indias


    Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you might need to have a look on to clear any doubts about FRRO.

    • What is e-FRRO?

    FRRO visa extension is an electronic Foreigner Regional Registration Officer which provides foreigners to extend their visas or other immigration services using an online portal. This means that they do not need to visit the office physically.

    • Who needs to apply for e-FRRO?

    All foreigners who want Visa along with Immigration related services in India viz. FRRO Registration Extension, Visa extension due to covid 19, Visa Conversion, Exit Permit etc need to apply for e-FRRO.

    • Do I need to visit the FRRO/FRO office after applying through e-FRRO?

    There is absolutely no need to visit the FRRO office after or even before applying through e-FRRO FRRO India visa extension. If you are specifically called upon by the FRRO, then you necessarily need to visit the office at the given time. Otherwise every detail about your visa will be sent to you by email or sms.

    • How to make payment?

    After the successful uploading of the application along with documents, you will be required to pay your visa extension India fees online through the Bank Payment process provided on the online portal. The amount of fee will be confidentially sent to you by email or sms.

    • How would I get RC/RP?

    Anything relating RC/RP or Exit Permit etc will be sent to you by post and for that purpose you need to provide an address situated in India in the online application form.

    • Is it necessary to have Endorsement on my Passport?

    Generally there is no such need of having endorsement on your passport. But if there is, you will be informed by the FRRO to visit the office.

    • What should I do in case of any emergency/exigency?

    You are allowed to appeal to the concerned Civil Authority by visiting the FRRO extension office directly in case of any emergency/exigency. FRRO would provide you their services but electronically. The reason behind it is that you may face trouble at Immigration Check Posts if you are having manual services.

    •  What will be the result of delaying the fee payment or document uploading?

    If you make a delay in paying your indian visa extension fees, uploading the documents or attending the interviews, you will be responsible for prosecution/fine as per Indian laws. So you need to be very careful about the deadlines and your punctuality.

    • Can I provide any email in order to complete my registration?

    You are advised to use your own personal email id in order to complete your registration. Your personal email id is required so that your data privacy and data security would be preserved from any kind of illegal use. For the purpose of active communication, you should provide your own email address.

    • Can I use my own ID to apply for any of my family members?

    Yes, there is absolutely no restriction in applying for your family members using your own ID. Although, you will have to submit an individual form for every member.

    • How can I check the status of my application?

    You will be sent every step of processing your application by email or sms. If you want to track your status, you simply need to login your dashboard on the online portal and check the status of your application.


    SBI is State Bank of India and here are some common Frequently Asked Questions relating to this domain so you would be clarified about payment methods.

    • What is SBIePay?.

    SBIePay is the Payment Aggregator service of State Bank of India which allows you to make payments in more than one way on a single payment page. It provides quite comfort to the applicants. SBIPay allows you to use Debit and Credit issued by MasterCard and VISA

    • What are all the payment modes available on SBIePay payment page?

    SBIepay has enabled the facility of online payments using Credit and Debit Cards issued by MasterCard and VISA

    • Are transactions on SBIePay secure?

    Transactions on SBIePay are completely safe and secure as it is certified by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) ver 2.0. The promise of security is ensured by the company truly. A 3D secure system is being utilized in this payment system verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code.

    Moreover, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) are also being used in SBIePay in order to preserve the security and privacy of payment information. Using this encryption the delicate payment details of the user would not be sent over the internet unencrypted and viewed by any unauthorized individual.

    • Can International payments be processed?

    Yes, SBIePay has surely enabled the international cards for payments issued by MasterCard and VISA both but there is no 3D Secure authentication in them.

    • How can a customer/applicant understand that payment has been made successfully?

    After filling out the details on the application form present on the online portal of FRRO services (online visa extension india), the applicant may click “Pay Now”. By clicking this button the applicant is redirected to SBIePay payment page which shows the multiple payment options like MasterCard and VISA. The applicant enters his payment card details over there and clicks 'Proceed'. Now the applicant will be seeing the two options namely, 3D Secure page of the Card issuing page for inputting 3D Secure password/OTP and Transaction is processed without a 3D Secure page. As the transaction completes successfully, the applicant is provided with the receipt of the payment.

    • How do I know that my Bank participates in 3D Secure transactions?

    When the applicant will be provided with a 3D Secure page requiring the password/OTP, this means that your Bank participates in 3D Secure transaction. In case, the applicant is not asked for any password/OTP then he should immediately contact his Bank for support.

    • What am I supposed to do if the successful page on the portal is not shown after completion of the transaction?

    You will be provided with a payment successful page along with a reference number. If you do not receive any success message even after the card account has been charged, a refund shall be initiated after due reconciliation to your card account.

    • What is the process of refunding?

    The process of refunding begins when the transaction fails and the applicant’s card account is debited more than once. The amount is refunded to the applicant after the reconciliation process which takes seven days.

    • What kind of support is available for the applicants ? 

    Technical support is provided by SBIePay for every payment related transaction at 1800221401. The timings on weekdays are 10:30 a.m to 6:30 p.m. For Saturday, the time starts from 10:30 a.m till 2:30 p.m. 

    • How many transactions an applicant is allowed to have for the same application number registered on the portal?

    The applicant is allowed to make three or less than three transactions for a single application ID

    • What happens in case all the transaction attempts of the applicant fail?

    In such a case, the applicant needs to fill out a new application form Indian visa extension and has to perform a new transaction with a new application ID.

    • Can the online payment portal charge more than one time for an application ID ?

    There is no such rule of charging for more than once to one application ID. If anything happens like this, all the amount will be refunded to the applicant after due reconciliation within seven days of transactions.


    Some Frequently Asked Questions regarding AXIS Payment are listed as follows:

    • What is Axis Bank Payment Gateway service?.

    Axis Bank is a world-class Internet Payment Gateway Solution that facilitates you to accept payments on a 24 X 7 basis from around the world which certainly means that there is no such trouble for time difference. It nearly accepts all Visa and MasterCard issued in and outside India. 

    • Is Axis Bank payment gateway page providing its applicants a variety of payment modes?

    Yes, Axis Bank Payment Gateway services are certainly providing online payments of all Credit and Debit Cards issued by MasterCard and VISA.

    • Is it secure to make transactions on Axis Bank Payment Gateway?

    Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) standards promises the security and authenticity of Axis Bank Payment Gateway. Each and every  transaction initiated at Axis Bank Payment Gateway services comes with 128 bit security and two factor authentication via MasterCard Secure Code and Verified-by-Visa authentication is  enabled.

    • Is there a chance of processing international payments?

    Axis Bank Payment Gateway undoubtedly accepts all the international payment cards issued by MasterCard and VISA both with and without 3D secure authentication both.

    • How does a customer/applicant get the idea of a successful payment?

    As the applicant fills out all the details and clicks “Pay now”, he is directed to the Axis Bank payment gateway page which shows the payment options including MasterCard and VISA. The card owner needs to provide his card number, expiry date, Name and CVV value and after that you need to click “Pay Now”. If the card owner’s Bank is enabled for 3D secure, then a page will appear for the cardholder to entire either his/her OTP/3D secure password. Else transaction would be processed. After successful completion of the transaction, the applicant is redirected to the online portal with a successful receipt of payment.

    • How do I make sure that my Bank participates in 3D Secure transactions?

    If your Bank is participating in 3D Secure, during the transaction a 3D secure page would appear and the card owner needs to enter his/her password /OTP.

    • What am I supposed to do if the successful page on the portal is not shown after completion of the transaction?

    You will be provided with a payment successful page along with a reference number. If you do not receive any success message even after the card account has been charged, a refund shall be initiated after due reconciliation to your card account.

    • What is the process of funding?

    The process of refunding takes place when the transaction fails and the applicant’s card account is debited more than once. The amount is refunded to the applicant after the reconciliation process which takes seven days

    • What kind of support is available for the applicants ?

    The technical support is provided by Axis Bank  for all payment related transactions at +91-022-7131-2125/2126 (Timings: 09.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m IST)

    Technical Information

    There are two important points regarding the technicality of the portal. 

    • This portal website is best viewed in browsers including, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer ( Windows 9.0 and above)
    • You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in your systems in order to read or print out the downloaded application form.

    Indian all Visa types Extension and Complete guide / Information to filling Visa Extension forms, what kind of extension, requirements, the application process and more relevant details

    Important Web Links

    On the portal, you might be searching for some common information like tourism, immigration etc. You can easily find out them using the following links directly:


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      • Indiaeviss 12-02-2021
        Hello Balbir, The applicants have to pay the requisite fee for the online service, if any. The fee has to pay online through the bank payment gateway available on the portal. The amount of the fee will be communicated through email / SMS alerts. Thank you...
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      I am travelling to india on december 5th 2021 and returning back on december 21 2021 and my US Passport expires on April 2022 and i have oci card and i don't need to apply for visa so can i travel with this passport or 6 month validity required.
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      Kamalesh Goswami 08-01-2022
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      Kamalesh Goswami 08-01-2022
      Hi, I need to apply for an extension of my TLP for 10 days. I am currently in Guwahati. Can you please let me know what is the procedure. I'm here for my mother's medical condition and need to make sure that her final health checks are done before returning back to Sydney.
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      Kate Kimberly Pastera 24-02-2022
      Been trying to complete payment since feb10 but everytime i click submit payment it goes back to the home page. It is not redirecting me to a page where i can enter my card details for payment. Been calling and emailing frro people but they are not responding at all. Ur system and technical problem is a headache and im stucked here in Goa!!!!! I want to go home soon but what do i do? Is there any other mode of payment???
      Lilly 11-03-2022
      I am EU national married to Indian National for over 4 years. My 5-year e-visa was canceled due to Covid. Once India allowed tourists to come, I had to apply for a new e-visa. I was given 30 days, single-entry tourist visa as per the rules of that time. We arrived in India on the 22nd of December and applied for a visa extension on the 23rd of December, had FRRO visit our home, and submitted all the required documents. It is the 11th of March and I still have not received my visa extension. It has been nearly 3 months!!! I am not allowed to work, not allowed to travel... all I am allowed is to sit at home. I cannot even see India as the hotels need a valid visa. We had booked a family holiday at the end of this month but now I have to cancel all the flights, hotels etc. You say it takes 7-10 days for a visa extension to be processed. We have waited for nearly 3 months and the visa is still being processed. It feels like foreigners are not welcomed to visit India and spouses of Indian nationals are treated as we don't matter.
      Ashok 29-03-2022
      Dear Sir/Madam We have submitted an online request to extend the visa due to an emergency situation. Application reference number is 2503222O812C, can you please let us know the status asap so we can make the travel arrangements accordinlgy? Thanks
      • Suresh Verma 15-12-2022
        HI FRRO, My wife is from Romania and she came india with X-Visa. Its been over 2-3 months we have applied for visa extension but dont have any news or update why visa extension is taking so long time. Visa applcation number is 3009228V4776. Please guide urgently.
      Swasthika 14-08-2022
      Respected Sir/Madam, This is Eswari, born in India on 23/08/1979 and mother of Sasiyendran Akillan born on 10/04/2009 holding Italian Citizen passport No. YB8897295. I came to visit family members and complete some work with my son after my husband's death. As his visa took in Italy is going to expire soon, I have applied for e-FRRO online. But got some technical issues and filled one of the section wrong and need some clarification. His Application No. 120822615SY9. Moreover, this application form has to be signed and I am not sure of to whom I should submit it and as my son is minor does he need to sign or myself as his mother. Please kindly have a look at it and please guide me about it because his visa is going to expire on 18th of this month. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you
      BRANDO 12-10-2022
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      PRASANTH RAVI 14-10-2022
      Dear sir/Madam, My wife Will be coming to India 15/12/2022 as Entry visa Valid for 5 years But Staycation per entry allowed 180 days. she wanted to stay with me until she gets OCI. Please what is the procedure? any online procedure to extend the stay? or have to visit?
      janella 18-10-2022
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      Rajni Thakkar 19-10-2022
      Hello Sir, we obtained an extension visa earlier. However due to health issues we lapsed on applying for further extension and overstayed. Now we just like to get exit permit to leave India. We do not know how long the process will take and how long we must stay further in India. Also, what is the rule that once we get an exit permit within how many days must we leave the country? Thanking You,
      Prashant J. Chikhale 26-10-2022
      Dear Sir/Madam, I need to extend my India Visa. It expires on 02 Nov 2022. I have a valid email ID, but I do not have a mobile# in India. So, can I receive the OTP on my email ID to complete the required online registration, in order for me to apply for Visa Extension online? Or do I need to come personally to FRRO office to apply for Visa Extension? Please let me know. Thank you.
      Ranjeet kaur 27-11-2022
      I have applied my son’s visa extension. The status is showing that his visa extension is granted. But I haven’t received anything through email or by sms. It’s been a week now. Thanks
      Neha 06-01-2023
      Sir, I need help to understand how can I be charged a penalty for OCI application delay. I had been in touch on phone with the OCI team since 80 days of my stay and later was advised of a visa change. Although OCI was applied well before in my home country. Now I am charged a hefty penalty, this is just for my application. Not sure what will be the date of minor kids. I need help please, circumstances don’t allow me with 2 minor kids to afford these penalties. As I expected OCI will process in time. Kids can’t go without me, so hv to bear with the process. Urgent help needed with penalties which are above the published amount please.
      Prashant Patel 28-02-2023
      Hi, I applied for a visa extension for my 10-month-old son. I checked the status online and it says the application was processed. But how can I check that my application is approved or not? The online portal is not saying anything about that.

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